Scrapbook Expo Bound

It’s been a little crazy around here these past few weeks as I have been making samples for my upcoming classes and the Scrapbook Expo being held in Schaumburg this Friday and Saturday. I am so excited to see so many of you there again this year. I have had a spot at the expo for the past 15 years and have made many, many friends throughout the years. It is always so much fun to see those of you that come from out of state, seems like this is our meeting spot! We continue connecting through social media all year long but I always love seeing everyone in person ad chatting about what the past year has brought them.

Have you been watching me on Periscope? This is the newest way I am connecting with my friends across the country. We have tried other avenues but this is by far the simplest for everyone and they are loving it!! They get to watch me do projects and give tips live in addition to connect with me through their comments. They are also helping each other by offering tips and suggestions on their own through the chat portion of the scope. Do you know what the greatest part of us  connecting through scoping? They can do it on their phones!!!! If you would like to scop with me give me a shout out and I will let you know what you will need to do ( it’s SUPER simple!!).

Well, I am on my way now to set up and I just may do a quick scope from the Expo today as I am setting up as well as Friday and Saturday during the Expo.

Til we meet again,

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