My new “LIVE” Periscope Button!!

I am so excited to let you know about my brand new LIVE Periscope button!! What is even more impressive,this tech challenged person did it all by myself!! As many of you know you can watch me share stamping tips, techniques, projects, and more live on my Periscope Channel ( Judistamps). WHOA!! I better back up a bit for those of you that are sitting their thinking,” What in the heck is this crazy lady jabbering about?” Periscope is a free app that you can download onto your phone. It is easy to do through Twitter but you can also do it through your phone number if you don’t have a Twitter account. I have a twitter account and found it super easy to do my periscope account through it. Once you set up your profile you click onto the 3 little heads towards the left corner, click search, type in judistamps, I should pop up. Click “FOLLOW”. You will now get an tiny bell ring when I do  live presentation. Don’t worry if you can’t watch it live, you have 24 hours to watch the replay. I explain  how you can then show me how you are liking what I am sharing as well as how you can ask me questions LIVE!!

Ok, now for that LIVE Periscope Button that I was supposed to be telling you about. You will find it in the left column . The Periscope Button is the far right one right after the Twitter birdie. If the button is blue, I m not live. If the button is red and flashing I am currently doing a live scope!! When you click onto the blue button it will bring you to my profile page, ( there mat be a replay on if I have scoped within the past 24 hours so be sure to click on the blue button each time you come too! when you click on the red flashing button, it will bring you to my LIVE scope!!

<It’s that button right there. The blue one that has a red ball in an upside down teardrop and judistamps next to it.

Isn’t that absolutely fun?? I will be doing  scope tomorrow at 11:30 AM Central Time. Why not come back then and check it out? If you are like me, tech challenged, you will be able to watch me on your computer just by tapping onto my new “LIVE” Periscope button!

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Til we meet again,

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