Kitchen update

I was able to make dinner tonight!! Well, actually I was able to heat up a premade dinner from Sams Club in our new microwave/convection oven combo. It was SO delish!!!!! Meatloaf and mashed potatoes with mixed veggies.

I am happy to say that the counter tops have been measured! The slab has been sitting in the processing location for 2 weeks now. We had originally had the measure set up 1 1/2 weeks ago but we ran out of wall space. Yep. We had 1″ less of wall than we were supposed to. Try squeezing 107″ of cabinets in 106″… I solved that problem by switching to a smaller refrigerator cabinet. Luckily they accounted for a 36″ refrigerator and ours is only 33″. A few inches to spare!

Last night the microwave/confection oven was hung. Working on the vent tonight and then the stove will be hooked up tomorrow evening.

I am hoping that they call and tell me my counter tops will be installed on Friday. Hoping because I was told it would be 7-10 days from the measure. They were hoping to be able to slip it in between other jobs since it was pushed back. One can only hope.

I took a picture to share with all of you but it suddenly got dark due to more storms moving in. I will try to remember to post one tomorrow.

I hope to share a video with all of you tomorrow.

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