Exclusive, FREE, Projects monthly!

Really? Exclusive, FREE, Projects Monthly? That’s right. Sign up for my Monthly V.I.P. Publication and you will receive FREE projects in your in-box every month along with my other V.I.P. members. Are you wondering what you receive in this publication?

My V.I.P. members receive a variety of exclusive projects, Tool Tips, Techniques, and Techniques that they can access as many times as they wish. I send them pictures, a supply list, and step by step instructions for each project. What types of projects do they receive?

  • a card
  • a memory page
  • a non-card/memory page project
  • a technique, with a project using the technique
  • I answer questions that they send me
  • I give a tool review and tip or two for that tool
  • first to know & register for my events
  • first to know my specials
  • before the holidays I send them 12 weeks of projects to help them prepare for holidays

How often do they receive an email? I send them the main publication every month then they receive an email at the beginning of each week that lets them know what events are happening and which they need to RSVP for that week. They also receive a variety of BONUS projects/tips/techniques in these emails.

My June publication just went out. Don’t want to miss what they received? I would absolutely love to send it to you! All you have to do to receive Exclusive, FREE Monthly Projects is sign up for my Monthly Publication in the upper left hand column.

Here are a few samples of past projects.

A past card idea:




A scrapbook idea.

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