A short hello

I just wanted to give you all a short hello today. I am still working on my technical issues of not being able to post pictures here. Until this problem is solved I am going to ask you to go to my Facebook Page  to see my latest news and projects. This will be where I will be posting my projects and news. BONUS! For those of you who aren’t subscribers there, you will be getting my Tuesday At 2:15 Weekly Project!! This is a FREE “LIVE” class where I bring you stamping ideas & tips! 

You will want to be sure to click the “LIKE” button that is located in the upper left corner right below my banner header. This way, you will be notified every time I post ideas, specials, and my live events.

Let’s hope the administration figures out what the problem is soon!!


                                                                      Til we meet again,

                                                                               HapBEE Stamping!



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